Designed with love and prayer for your healing and restoration.

Transformational teacher, speaker, pastor, and life coach
to Leading Ladies who desire more grace, less grind
and enjoying their life, love, and work.

Genette Howard is a dynamic sought-after keynote speaker at women’s and leadership conferences in the US and internationally. She has been a featured guest on ABC’s Good Morning Arkansas, The Roland Martin Show, and other Charlotte metro programs. In addition, she is the author of two books: “Fight Stress & Live: 5 Commitments That Can Save Your Life” and “The 5 Laws of Gratitude: Simple Shifts for a Happier, Healthier & Wealthier You”.

She is a personal development expert, an international speaker, and author dedicated to helping leading women live, love, and work in greater alignment with their God-design to experience more grace and ease. In addition to being a professional life coach, she serves alongside her husband, Dexter Howard, as founder and executive pastor of The Restoration Place in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Restoration Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She has been in ministry with her husband and family for over 25 years.

Her speaking engagements range from stress management, resiliency, and work-life balance for women in leadership, to marriage and family dynamics, prayer and meditation, and optimal living. She is a dynamic presenter, gifted with communication skills that allow her to be effective in any setting, from keynotes at large conferences to small group consulting sessions in board rooms.

Genette’s passion is helping leading women to thrive at work and home through better management of their mindset, energy, relationships, time, and stress. She delivers both faith-based and business-based keynotes and programs.

She is a graduate of the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In addition, she earned her professional coaching credentials from The Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute.

Genette is the wife of Pastor Dexter Howard and mother of 6 beautiful daughters. They all reside in the Charlotte, NC region.

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Stress & Anxiety

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Exhaustion & Overwhelm
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Dissatisfaction with Life
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Strained Relationships
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Lack of Clarity

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Stunted Growth

Take a breath and ask yourself, are you experiencing…