Responding vs. Reacting

Responding vs Reacting with Coach and Pastor Genette Howard

Reacting is human, but it’s also hasty and emotional. It can make matters worse, creating greater confusion, chaos and stress. Responding is different. It is an intentional reply that is thought out. Responding requires you to pause and think about the outcome you really want to achieve.

Your Words Matter

Your Words Matter with Coach Genette Howard

I want to encourage you to be selective about the words that you use, especially when you are in a vulnerable situation and the outcome is hanging in the balance. Your words can be the difference-maker.

Are You Stuck or Crowded?

Are You Stuck or Crowded Pastor Genette Howard Coaching

Are you stuck or crowded? When you’re a leader, being stuck doesn’t just affect you. When you feel stuck, you also feel frustrated and even down on yourself.