Congratulations on taking the first step toward a life of greater peace, purpose, and fulfillment.
Your Live Aligned™ Quotient is…

performance - driven

You may be more aligned with the energy of fear than the energy of Love. This may be the root cause of your feelings of stress, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction with areas of your life. God is Love.


Fear-Driven Live Aligned™ Quotient | Genette Howard Life Coach & Pastor
Love-Driven Live Aligned™ Quotient | Genette Howard Life Coach & Pastor

with God:


with yourself:


with others:


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Alignment is a process that involves moving further from fear and closer to Love in the core areas of your life: being, thinking, and doing. It is about coming into agreement with the Creator in your identity, mindset, and actions.

Your score indicates where you are now, but it’s not where you have to remain if you’re ready and willing to do the work of transformation.

Creating alignment is a journey of gaining awareness and consciously shifting from the energy of fear to the energy of Love so that you can manifest your God-designed life of peace, purpose, and fulfillment. So that you can stand before the Creator one day and hear Him say, “Well done!”

Live aligned!

~ Genette

Live Aligned™ | Life Coach & Pastor Genette Howard
What does it mean to Live Aligned™?
The process of alignment involves moving further from fear and closer to Love in your identity, your mindset, and your actions.

When you are in alignment with God in spirit, soul and body:

  • Love, peace and joy reign in your relationships.
  • Stress diminishes.
  • Wellbeing flourishes.
  • Results come without toil.
  • Your prayers are answered quickly.</li<
  • You give and receive abundantly.
  • You become a vessel of God’s limitless love and power.
When you are out of alignment in any of these areas, you experience:
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Exhaustion
  • Strained relationships
  • Small results for your toiling.

You are in your own self-defeating efforts, driven by fear instead of aligned with love. You are beneath the glory of God for which you were created.

What are the elements of Live Aligned™?

The reference point of alignment is God, the Creator or Source. A life that is aligned with God is in total agreement with the laws that govern His limitless peace, power and abundance. All of these laws can be summed up in one word and one command: LOVE.

God is love.

Your life is aligned to the extent you are in agreement with God in the 3 core human elements:

  1. Spirit: Your being. Identity.
  2. Soul: Your thinking. Mindset.
  3. Body: Your doing. Actions.