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Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson
2 years ago

1) Wake Up
I whole heartedly feel this is often what needs to happen to seek and find the proper alignment with God. I believe God uses this “awakening” to provide different perspective and changes that are needed in our lives.
2) Unfriend Fear
Whew! This is a TOUGH one. Fear is the enemies best friend. This is where a relationship with God serves great purpose. The reality is without that, you can not fight the enemy. This is a daily battle that you can not win on your own.
3) Letting Go
I love this because control is hard to relinquish for each of us and this may be one of my hardest struggles. Surrendering is a powerful tool yet so hard. At times, it is hard to forget that God has control and not us.
4) Balancing the Books
The Stress Equation could not be any more true. Demands > Resources. Perspective play a vital role on this as you mentioned. However, stress is stress. This part takes creative and deep thinking to recognize what is priority and what is not. This is listening to your body when the check engine light is on. This is not pushing through at the detriment of your own health.
5) Mastering the Mind
Mind matters. Studies show more negative thoughts go through your mind than positive in a day’s time. This means we must choose what we let our minds consume or it will consume us. This is definitely a mind set shift.

Overall, these five things are excellent benchmarks to practice daily. These are very helpful.

Thank you!

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