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Bonus: The Power of Journaling

Bonus: Journaling Prompt’s one year from today and you are living in greater alignment with God in your identity, mindset and actions. What is life like for you? Specifically:

1. Describe your physical and mental health.

2. Describe your closest relationships.

3. What is your work like? What are you doing with your gifts, skill and energy?

4. Describe your financial situation.

This is called a personal vision. This is where you really want to be. Follow this outline and write it down in detail.

Share your journal prompt response and insights you've gleaned.

Rest assured, the Masterclass lessons are private and secure.

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2 years ago

Hello! It’s Genette Howard and I’m so glad you’re here. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, questions and general feedback. Please post here. I’ll be checking in!

Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson
2 years ago

Personal Vision

  1. Physical and Mental Health

I am STRONGER, both physically and mentally. I have more discipline on nourishing my body properly and exercising consistently to stay not only physically strong but also mentally strong. My face will glow with peace and happiness. I will have more energy. My mindset is lighter and more positive from repeated spiritual strengthening in God’s Word. My soul is refreshed. I will be rested.

2. Describe your closest relationships
They are restored and filled with love. I am abundantly giving love to those closest to me, allowing no space or tolerance for anything different. I am speaking with love and not strife. I am building and not damaging relationships. My marriage will be lifted and centered in God.

3. What is your work like? What are you doing with your gifts, skill, and energy.
I am serving the Lord with a giving heart in my work. I will have abundantly more energy from maintaining peace that I will find time to establish a creative outlet other than nursing, one that is enjoyable for myself i.e. creating a blog that will find ways to show my love for God, cooking, decorating, and fashion.

4. Describe your financial situation.
I will instill faith in my finances. I will invest wisely for the future and steer from debt.

Genette Howard
2 years ago
Reply to  Amber Anderson

Amber, I absolutely love your personal vision. I can see it with you. My heart filled up reading it. Of course, you’re like family to me and I’m honored to help you on this journey. This is your reality…believe it and receive it.

Kim McBride
Kim McBride
2 years ago

1: Physical & Mental: My physical body will be stronger and able to do more. I will be happy with my physical body. Mentally: I won’t be as exhausted. I will be able to come home and engage more with my daughter b/c I won’t be so mentally drained from work.
2: Closest relationships: The ones who are not going where I’m going won’t be holding me back any more. I will have close relationships with more moms and allow myself to open up to others that I would normally shut out.
3: Work: I will still be doing what God has called me to do. I will still be a nurse. However, I will be doing more work in the church with the praise team and with community outreach.
4: Finances: I will have a majority of debt paid off. I will be in a better house and have more control over my spending.

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