Miracles and Alignment

This week our family experienced a miracle that will not allow me to think about anything else. Perhaps it is the greatest testimony to the power of living in alignment with God. So, I feel like I’m supposed to share it with you.

Our 17 year-old twin daughters, Destiny and Eden, were driving to school earlier than normal for a club meeting. Wednesday morning was rainy and unseasonably cold for Charlotte, North Carolina. Destiny was driving when she felt the car hydro-planing. She lost control and the car ended up in a wooded area off the road, colliding with a tree so powerfully that it turned the car in the opposite direction.

When the twins realized they were still alive, they jumped out of the car with fear that it would blow up or a tree would fall on them. Destiny’s side of the car was closest to the road. As soon as she got out, an oncoming car struck her.

Yes, after they both survived a major car crash, Destiny was struck by a car moving at approximately 40 miles per hour.

She said she felt a blow and fell to the ground. Her sisters and others at the scene surrounded her to help. She was taken to the main hospital in Charlotte because they expected major internal injury since there didn’t appear to be any broken bones.

After X-rays and a thorough examination, Destiny was given a Tylenol and released to go home. There is not even a bruise on her skin where the car struck her.

The story keeps going…our 14-year old daughter, Faith, rides to school with her sisters every morning. But this morning she wasn’t in the car because I “just happened” to decide at the last minute to take her to the doctor that morning for an eye infection. All the back windows of the car were shattered and the worst impact was made in the exact space where Faith sits every day. But that day, she wasn’t there.

There is no human explanation for all of this: How Faith “just happened” to not be in her normal seat; how the twins survived a major crash without a scratch; how Destiny was hit by a moving vehicle without a bruise.

But to the Believer, there is plenty of supernatural explanation: God and His Word, including His promises of Angelic protection and assistance. Our family lives in agreement with this.

You may say, “Genette, that’s a powerful testimony. But what does it have to do with living aligned?” In my view, everything.

As you stay tuned to the messages of Live Aligned, you will discover that living aligned is all about coming into total agreement with God in these 3 core human elements:

Your heart = your being (identity)

Your mind = your thinking (mindset)

Your strength = your doing (actions)

Who we believe we are matters. What and how we think matters. What we do with our time, talent and treasure matters. Bringing all these into agreement with God and His Word matters.

For our family, it was the difference between life and death this week.

For me personally, getting my identity, mindset, and actions into agreement with God restored my health and sanity after a debilitating breakdown.

I’m convinced more than ever about the power of living in alignment with God and I know there’s more to learn so that I can experience even greater.

Spread the word.

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