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Are you ready to pull out of the unhealthy state of overwhelm into peace, purpose and fulfillment? Are you ready for authentic success without the chronic stress in your life, love and work?

Alignment is what you need.

Self-Love vs. Self-Worship Genette Howard
Living Aligned

Self-Love vs. Self-Worship

Loving yourself is as sacred as loving your neighbor. Self-love can turn into self-worship without the help of the Holy Spirit to guide you.

The Sin of Self Neglect by Genette Howard The Leading Lady Coach©
Living Aligned

The Sin of Self Neglect

Are you guilty of self-neglect? If so, will you forgive yourself? Will you open your heart to learning how to love yourself as much as you love others?

Miracles and Alignment Pastor Genette Howard
Living Aligned

Miracles and Alignment

Who we believe we are matters. What and how we think matters. What we do with our time, talent and treasure matters. Bringing all these into agreement with God and His Word matters. For our family, it was the difference between life and death this week.

Responding vs Reacting with Coach and Pastor Genette Howard
Living Aligned

Responding vs. Reacting

Reacting is human, but it’s also hasty and emotional. It can make matters worse, creating greater confusion, chaos and stress. Responding is different. It is an intentional reply that is thought out. Responding requires you to pause and think about the outcome you really want to achieve.

Are You Stuck or Crowded Pastor Genette Howard Coaching
Living Aligned

Are You Stuck or Crowded?

Are you stuck or crowded? When you’re a leader, being stuck doesn’t just affect you. When you feel stuck, you also feel frustrated and even down on yourself.